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This deviation was deleted

The way you have cropped this photo makes it an erotic agony of the heart. Where you look alone, collasped after a shower wondering if your lover will ever return. Staring at the door hoping it will move filled with an agony that is delicious and only surpassed when the lover returns.
I read somewhere that photos of people in agony are the most viewed. Of that group, those photos that gave a sense of agony without giving away the details were the most viewed. 'Gets hectic inside of me, When you go' elicits emotion more so than 'please teach me gently, how to breathe', but all the photos in this set convey agony of the heart, emotional involvement, in that the viewer is probably hoping your lover returns because this sounds like a recurring problem and while the image is of a beautiful nude woman that needs help the focus is not on her nudity it is on her hope for everlasting love. Having read the comments here it easy to say you have emotionally involved the viewers.
The poem you added to this was an wonderful addition and fits the image perfectly. It pushes the image so the imagination of the viewer can weave a tragic love story. Very nicely done.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.


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